Oversize Load Bulldozer

Oversize Load Bulldozer semi traveling at 75 miles per hour with complete disregard for the cyclist a few feet to their right. The Bulldozer scoop WENT OVER OUR HEAD!

Note the completely open lane to the left of the Oversize Load Bulldozer.  We will contact the authorities to identify this driver to determine if they understand Nevada’s 3ft Cycling law states they MUST move one lane over if it is open.  IT”s OPEN!

All of our images are taken by a cyclist riding in the middle of the right shoulder to avoid broken glass, ruptured truck tire parts, and other road debris.





Author: 3ftCycling

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  1. I noticed how almost of the photos posted on this site are completely subjective. Not only do you have no idea how fast a vehicle is going (unless you have some form of radar gun), but you assume in every single instance that the vehicles can move over. With the size of a load such as this, I highly doubt he is going 75 or even could go 75. On top of that, he would need a lot of time to change lanes as to keep his load from tipping over. I am also unsure from this photo if it is even safe for him to move over as other traffic might be trying to pass and it would be unsafe for him to swerve into the other lane to avoid the bicyclist. Another thing you may notice from this photo is the fact the truck takes up an entire lane. It is not his fault his load is massive, but that will make driving a lot more difficult than a normal car (thus the pilot trucks). One last thing I wanted to point out is that the bicyclist is riding on the shoulder. Here is an idea for safety, why not ride some where that you have repeated deemed unsafe for riding a bicycle (such as a highway) when you cannot maneuver in the shoulder well or keep up with the flow of traffic (70 MPH in this case)?

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    • Hi Johnny,

      Thanks for sharing your comments.

      We do not assume in every instance, the photos on our home page were shot by us so we know in every instance that the left lane was completely open. A semi traveling 10 mph or 70 mph will crush a cyclist all the same. A semi traveling at higher speeds creates a wind wake that has killed cyclists by sucking them under the trailer. Nevada’s 3 Foot law states that drivers must move over a lane if it’s safe to do so. In the specific case of the oversize bulldozer, they had the benefit of the pilot truck far ahead of the Semi. The pilot truck’s job is to inform the Semi to slow down if necessary to safely move over. What if a police car, emergency vehicle, broken down car, or a motorcycle was on the shoulder? Certainly they would not have had the bulldozer’s blade go over the head of a police officer.

      Distance cyclists must ride on the highways as connectors between areas. It is specifically legal in Nevada. If there were distance cyclist-only roads cyclists would certainly choose them. There are not so we must all respectfully share the roads.


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