Community Membership


The Community Membership provides you all the capabilities of the Free Membership plus access to the 3FootCycling National Incident Database where you can:

Upload your traffic incidents

Your incidents will be entered in our 3FootCycling National Incident Database after we we review your information for completeness and clarity

Perform license plate searches

Determine how many times a particular vehicle has been involved in 3FootCycling member incidents across the country.  This might assist you in prosecuting the offender.


The Community Membership also provides you access to our National 3FootCycling Community Forums

Our community forums are where you will find ongoing research and discussions into everything related to the 3 Foot laws, ranging from prevention strategies, to what to do if you are involved in an incident, to legal strategies including obtaining a lawyer and what your legal options are, to documentation strategies including emerging video and photographic technologies.


We look forward to your active participation!