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In May of 2012 Rutgers University published an outstanding analysis of all the 3 Foot Laws across our nation.  They reached several key conclusions and recommendations, some of which are listed in our Blog.  One of the key conclusions and recommendations was:


“the distance for safe passage is defined by the motorist’s determination of how much space they must give a cyclist in order to pass them clearly and safely in the circumstance where a cyclist fell into the roadway.”


That translates to drivers giving cyclists a whole lane of room.  A whole lane is well beyond 3 feet.

In our Education section you can learn about and see many of the obstacles cyclists face that could cause them to swerve or fall.

If you agree with giving a full lane of room, when it’s safe to do so,  please enroll in our Free Membership to access our “Join Driver Role Models!” page and become listed as a National Driver Role Model along with your explanation of why you support safety for cyclists, runners, and pedestrians.

Our Free Membership also allows you to share cycling memorials and injury reports.



3 Foot Cycling

Heidi Kyser – Las Vegas – NV

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I’m a driver role model because cycling means so much to me. It makes me feel alive and empowered, keeps me fit, and gives me quality time with my best friends. We are moms, dads, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters, and we wish we could take to the road free of the fear we’ll leave those loved ones grieving. Sometimes, I’m afraid to encourage others to ride with us because of the risk. It doesn’t have to be like this. We can all share the road and get home to our families...

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Dennis Ball – Fresno – California

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I am an avid bicyclist, I have been riding a bicycle since I was old enough to get on one around 7 years old or so. I have been a commuter, riding my bike to work; I have been a racer competing in Criterium’s, road races and the Grand daddy of them all the RAAM or Race Across America. I enjoy riding my bicycle and now that I am retired I try to ride almost every day. As a motorist and a cyclist, I can appreciate why it is necessary for motorists to give some extra space to bicyclists. When I approach cyclists I always give them as much...

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Bruce Dughi – Castro Valley – CA

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I get very nervous when I have to share a lane with a car because many cars drive too fast and too close. Cars have nothing to lose so they have no incentive to be careful. Cars seem very resistant to cross a lane line while passing bicycles, driving very close to cyclists. This makes cycling stressful. I feel vulnerable because I know that if we collide, the car will always win and I may end up injured or dead. I ride with my children so I particularly worry about cars sharing lanes with them. Drivers take their 4000 lb cars for granted and...

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Glen McWilliams – Signal Hill – CA

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As a cyclist I can do no less, when driving, than what I want others to do for me when I am riding. After all to provide a full lane, when it is safe to do, makes the most sense. When it is not safe to provide the full lane then it only makes sense to slow down until it becomes safe for both the cyclist or pedestrian and the motorist.

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Reynaldo Smith – North Las Vegas – Nevada

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I’m a role model because when I see a cyclist I give them at least a lane of room. I ride a bike to work myself and I hate it when a driver gets so close to me. There is a good friend out there that comes in to my post office and I just want to let him know to be careful out there on the road. I hope your reading this…

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Will Leben – Emeryville – CA

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Cars and trucks really don’t notice us. That’s something that they urgently need to be made more aware of and that we cyclists and pedestrians urgently need to be made aware of as well. Currently, both drivers and cyclists need to undergo some changes in order to learn to share the road.

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Selene Tyndale – South Pasadena – California

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I am a lifelong “minimal gasoline-use” commuter. Whenever possible I bike &/or use public transit. I expect all road users to follow good safety sense whether operating a motorized or non-motorized vehicle on 4, 3 or 2 wheels, or on foot.

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Tara Garcia Mathewson – Chicago – Illinois

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I’m a part-time cyclist and a part-time driver. I know how much space I like to get when I’m on my bike and I make sure to always give at least the same amount of space to cyclists when I’m driving. In a busy city like Chicago, sometimes that means slowing down until it’s safe to go around cyclists and I’m happy to do it. Safety first! No one is too busy to spend less than a minute giving cyclists the space and respect they deserve.

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Mike Britt – Park Ridge – Illinois

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I know that there is inherent danger with cars and byclists on the roadway. Drivers must yield but in congested urban areas a protected lane for byclists could help protect the vulnerable bicyclist. In Chicago the best example is when pylons are used to protect the bycle lane. All such lanes must be protected in this way.

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John Bradley – Chicago – Illinois

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My goal, largely as a bike rider, but also as a pedestrian and as a motorist, is not only to better myself in any of these capacities, but also through a combination of courtesy and street smarts, help all users of our byways in furthering the enjoyment of our great city. John Bradley

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