Our current focus is on gaining acceptance of Bike Mounted Video Evidence by law enforcement and District Attorneys.  This has proven an uphill battle but we are breaking ground which can hopefully be leveraged by all cyclists.

Last year’s, 2014, firsts:

  • We launched our National Driver Role Model Program.  Creating safe shared streets requires collaboration between drivers, cyclists, and law enforcement.  Drivers need to be given a positive and proactive role in the process.
  • We launched our National Incident Database for cyclists to track and share their incidents with other cyclists locally and nationally.
  • Our partnership with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Golden Gate Division (GGD) was their 1st public/private partnership.  Chief Ernie Sanchez and his Public Information Officers (PIOs) participated in our webinars and in our Community Forums.
  • We held multiple highly successful webinars per month from April 2014 to November 2014.
  • CHP GGD took an exemplary and leadership role in sending warning letters for 3 Foot Law violations when requested by cyclists in their jurisdiction.
  • We worked with CHP’s Research and Planning Section to provide feedback on their California Pedestrian and Bicyclist Enforcement and Education Project (CPBEEP), specifically their Share The Road cards.  We still have some of these cards to share with California cyclists.
  • One of our members secured the 1st California Private Person’s Arrest citation for violating the 3 Foot Law.
  • We worked with District Attorneys to use bike mounted video evidence to enforce reckless driving laws without requiring a collision, i.e. a cyclist to be seriously injured or killed.  California reckless driving law does not require a collision!


Our Focus for 2015 – we need your help!

The only way to create safe shared streets is for Law Enforcement to enforce the laws, specifically the 3 Foot Laws that create a safety buffer zone around cyclists, and Reckless Driving laws.   It’s important to note that California’s Reckless Driving law does NOT require a collision but rather “Any person who drives any vehicle upon a highway in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.”

Police can’t be everywhere all the time but cyclists are always there when these incidents happen and cyclists with Bike Mounted Video Cameras can record irrefutable video evidence of their incidents.

Cyclists spoke loud, clear and often during our webinars confirming that law enforcement does not enforce the 3 Foot Laws or reckless driving laws unless there is a collision.

One of our members had a particularly egregious incident with a reckless driver of a 5,000 pickup truck.  We are producing a documentary based on this incident, and two others, that explains why law enforcement needs to accept the irrefutable video evidence provided by Bike Mounted Video, before a collision occurs.  Unfortunately the District Attorney dismissed our amazingly irrefutable video evidence, our Private Person’s Arrest Citation, signed by the driver of the pickup, and the Investigation Report wherein the driver admitted he felt our cyclist didn’t belong in the road.

Our goal is to highlight this incident as a Bike Mounted Video Evidence exemplar for all cyclists to use and reference.  Frankly, if we can’t get the District Attorney to enforce the law with all of this evidence, then he is  telling cyclists they will never accept Bike Mounted Video evidence and he is telling the driver that it’s ok to recklessly endanger cyclists with his 5,000 lb pickup truck.  This seems particularly ironic and incongruous at a time when police departments across our country are racing to equip officers with body cameras and citizen smartphone video is center stage in public discourse.

We need all cyclists, cycling supporters and friends to sign our Petition for CHP and the DA to explicitly state the elements of video evidence that constitute reckless driving, why our member’s Private Person’s Arrest was rescinded, and to prosecute the driver in our case for reckless driving.

We do not want cyclists to wait for a collision to enforce the law, especially a law that does not require a collision!

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Thanks and Safe Cycling!

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