The only way to enforce the 3 Foot Cycling Laws is to have an educated and empowered cycling community that knows the laws and has the tools and systems that facilitate their mobilization.

Our innovative 3FootCycling National Incident Database allows members to document how reckless drivers endanger cyclists, analyze repeat offenders not only in a given local area, but across a city, county, state, and the nation.  We will be able to analyze if, for example, particular trucking companies are consistently endangering cyclists.  By the community working together, sharing insights, and learning together, we will become a strongly empowered national cycling network with the ability to enforce and strengthen the 3 Foot Laws.

We will also have documentation to educate and influence our law makers.

In the following example a Community member searched the 3FootCycling National Incident Database for a Florida license plate, gkj34f.  They learned that this vehicle was involved in two incidents; a Hit and Run in Atlanta, and a Hit and Run in Miami.  They will also be able to pull up the full incident reports including photos, detailed descriptions of the incidents, if there were witnesses, if police reports were filed, and if there is video of the incidents.  This will allow the two Community members to work with each other.



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