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In 2010, NHTSA reported that approximately 620 bicyclists were killed in crashes, and approximately 52,000 were injured. Because bicyclist and pedestrian deaths make up about 14 percent of overall traffic fatalities, compared to about 12 percent of total trips, they are at more risk than most users.

24 states have 3 Foot Laws that state drivers must give cyclists a minimum of 3 Feet of room on their left. Nevada’s 3 Foot Law further states that vehicles must move over one lane if it’s safe to do so.

3 foot laws are a good first step but for many reasons they are not changing driver behavior as illustrated on our home page. The images are from one cyclist in Northwest Las Vegas during the summer of 2013 using a $100 point and shoot camera mounted to his aero bars. Vehicles weren’t singling out this cyclist, they treated all cyclists this way which means that either they didn’t know about the 3 Foot Laws or they intentionally broke them. Nevada passed their 3 Foot Law in 2011.

The mission of 3FootCycling.com is to help create safe road sharing by educating the community, engaging and empowering drivers, engaging and empowering cyclists to help law enforcement, helping to prosecute offenders, and helping to strengthen the 3 Foot Laws.

3FootCycling.com does this by creating methods and tools to document cycling incidents before accidents occur.


  • 3FootCycling.com begins by providing free Memorials and Injury Report galleries that display the faces and stories of regular citizens who were killed or injured.  It’s important that everyone from drivers, to legislators, to cyclists, see people just like themselves, who were injured, or taken from us, and think about their own loved ones.
  • Our free membership also allows drivers to show their support for safe cycling by being listed as a National Driver Role Model.
  • 3FootCycling.com provides a National Incident Database where cyclists can upload Incident Reports to track and analyze their encounters with reckless drivers and to identify repeat offenders.  Incident Reports are shared nationally so repeat offenders can be identified by a network of cyclists.  Cyclists encountering the same vehicle can collaborate to notify the authorities and possibly strengthen legal action.  It is important that we identify reckless drivers before they cause an accident.   Documenting reckless driving for our legislators can also help strengthen our 3 Foot Laws.  Access to the National Incident Database and our Community Forums is included in our $10/year Community Membership. 
  • Our 3FootCycling.com Community Forums provide a place to discuss all aspects of 3 Foot Cycling including legal strategies such as cycling focused attorneys using the 3 Foot Laws in concert with other legal strategies to prosecute reckless drivers, insurance policies that cover cycling, high visibility clothing, safe riding tactics, Point of View video cameras, and even mounting inexpensive Point and Shoot cameras to document incidents.  Sharing knowledge and best practices empowers all stakeholders.
  • 3FootCycling.com is reaching out to corporations to create driver role models who demonstrate the new normal behavior of giving cyclists a whole lane.  It’s in a corporation’s financial interest to lower their potential liability costs and increase their community goodwill.
  • We will create a 3FootCycling Advisory Council comprised of representatives of all the stakeholders in safe cycling.  Advisory Council members will provide their perspective and insight into creating a safe cycling environment.
  • We will host webinars and cyber workshops with experts from cycling, law, technology, government, trucking, and other commercial drivers.


This video provides an overview of our vision, mission, how to navigate our site, the services we can provide both cyclists and drivers, and how you can join our community.




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  1. Drivers of cars don’t even move over for law enforcement and there is a law about that so why would they even want to move over for a bicyclist? Though there are laws prohibiting certain violations law enforcement cant enforce everyone of them. They must pick and choose what they enforce when they see it. The move over law for law enforcement doesn’t work so why do you bicyclists think that it will work for 3′ violations? Get real please.

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    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your comment, especially as a police Sergeant. Our goal is safe shared streets for everyone including police officers. If a driver recklessly endangers a police officer they should be cited. You are actually saying the same thing we have said from the beginning of our work on this issue. Police cannot be everywhere all the time and even if they do happen to see the incident your point of not being able to tell 3′ from 100′ away is true. That is why we want all cyclists to have a point of view camera on their bicycles to irrefutably document the scene, the circumstances, and the distance. The only person that will always be there when reckless driving occurs is the cyclist. We are sure that you would not want your son, daughter, wife, mother, or friend recklessly endangered on a bicycle. We hope to work with you to ensure cyclists and drivers respectfully share the road.


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